Discover The Top Superyachts Set To Launch This Year, Ranging From Epic Sailing Vessels To Rugged Explorers

Discover The Top Superyachts Set To Launch This Year, Ranging From Epic Sailing Vessels To Rugged Explorers
The Oceanco ‘Koru’. Courtesy of BOAT International 

The launch fleet this year is unusually diverse, including motoryachts, sailing vessels, explorers, and even a giant sportsfisherman that is half a kilometer long.

There is a shift away from the idea of yachting being about who has the largest boat this year, as the top superyachts scheduled for delivery this year total 2,929 feet in length. This year's launches are wide ranging, from motoryachts to sailing vessels to explorers to giant sportfish. The emphasis is now more on mission than size.

In addition, the list includes two yachts with a length of over 400 feet from the German shipyard Lürssen, as well as noteworthy deliveries from shipyards in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands, showcasing different interpretations of design, power, and performance in each of the three countries.

Rich Report is looking forward to seeing these yachts.

‘Koru’ (564 feet) Oceanco

Courtesy of BOAT International 

A sea trial of Jeff Bezos' first yacht, Koru, was conducted last week. It was the Amazon founder who chose to make a bold statement by commissioning the world's largest sailing yacht, not to mention the longest pleasure vessel, motor or sail, ever built. Oceanco built the titanic sailing machine, which measures 3300 GT. Its sails generate kinetic energy. 

There are other characteristics that distinguish Koru from any other vessel on the water, such as a classic canoe stern, and a double-deck wooden coach house with a red stripe. The project is hush-hush. Even the designers remain unknown.

‘Liva’ (387 feet, 1 inch) Abeking & Rasmussen

Courtesy of Abeking & Rasmussen

As of last year, Abeking announced the launch of Liva, the largest yacht it has ever built. The yacht, which is scheduled to be delivered in early 2023, surpasses the German shipyard's previous flagship Aviva by 65 feet. 

It has been reported that the French studio Joseph Dirand Architecture has been appointed to design both the exterior and the interior of the building, which will feature a semi-submerged underwater observation room on the lower deck, a supersized pool, a helipad, a spa and beauty salon, and a beach club on the lower deck.

‘Alchemy’ (216 feet, 5 inches) Rossinavi

Courtesy of Rossinavi

One of three yachts to be launched by Italian shipyard Rossinavi in 2023 is the 216-foot multi-deck motoryacht Alchemy, which has been ordered by a private American client. This yacht has been designed by Philippe Briand with interior styling by Enrico Gobbi's Team for Design with interior design by Enrico Gobbi. 

Although little is known about the yacht, it is evident from the images that it will feature a drop-down side terrace at the stern and large floor-to-ceiling windows that will allow you to view it from all angles.

Project Jag (400 feet) Lürssen

Courtesy of Lürssen

This 400-foot displacement motoryacht known only as “Project Jag” will be the owner’s third Lürssen. His most recent is Kismet, due to be delivered in late 2023. This gigayacht can sleep 20 guests and 40 crew and includes a helipad, spa, swimming pool, two cinemas, gym, and subterranean storage space. 

A British studio Reymond Langton crafted what is rumored to be a "bespoke homage to the owner's lifestyle"-whatever that means-for the yacht's exterior, designed by Italian design firm Nuvolari Lenard.

Project Luminance (426 feet, 5 inches) Lürssen

Courtesy of Lürssen

A 426.5-foot motor yacht, Project Luminance is Lürssen's claim to be one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced boats. Construction began in 2018, but few details have been revealed about the yacht due to deliver in 2023.

We do know, however, that the seventh-largest project from the German shipyard to date features state-of-the-art propulsion systems, advanced navigation and communication systems, as well as next-generation entertainment systems.

‘T52’ (170 feet) Baglietto

Courtesy of Baglietto

Baglietto's T52 line debuts in February 2023, featuring sleek lines and aerodynamic grills designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design. The diesel-electric-hybrid engine powers the vehicle.

A large multi-level beach club with a fold-down transom, oversized sunbeds, and a swimming pool with a floor that rises flush with the deck are among the outdoor spaces on board the yacht, which boasts plenty of outdoor space. 78-foot sundeck with hot tub and open-air sky lounge can be accessed by sliding windows on the upper deck.

Project 406 (170 feet, 6 inches) Royal Huisman

Courtesy of Royal Huisman

Known for building some of the world's biggest sailing yachts, including the 296-foot Athena, Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman is about to set new records with the impending launch of Project 406, the world's largest sportsfisherman. 

Vripack designed the six-decked aluminum yacht, giving it a towering profile that promises spectacular front-row views of big game fishing. With its long bow, high bulwarks, and an uncluttered fishing cockpit, the team balanced its height.

‘Black Shark’ (252 feet, 6 inches) Nobiskrug

Courtesy of Nobiskrug

As a result of Nobiskrug's insolvency, construction on Black Shark was halted in 2019. Following its acquisition by entrepreneur Lars Windhorst in March 2022, work on Black Shark resumed in 2023, with delivery scheduled for 2024. 

In addition to its predatory profile and mast shaped like a dorsal fin, the 252-foot boat is also enhanced by the reverse bow, black matte hull, and metallic silver superstructure.

‘Ultra G’ (196 feet, 8 inches) Heesen

Courtesy of Heesen 


With a propulsion package totaling 22,000 horsepower, four water jets, and a top speed of 37 knots, Ultra G is not surprising since Heesen builds fast boats. This motoryacht was commissioned by a passionate sportfisherman. 

It was equipped with a fighting chair and storage for 40 rods, making it the Dutch yard's most powerful project to date. The design also included Samsung's "The Wall" screen, an infinity pool, and a self-cleaning "dog park" for guests with pets.

‘Maverick’ (145 feet, 3 inches) Cantiere delle Marche

Courtesy of Cantiere delle Marche

It will soon be delivered by Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) to a young German who is a passionate sailor and owns both sailing boats and motor yachts in the past. In order to test Hydro Tec's bold exterior design and running surface, the owner will cruise the Mediterranean, then move to the northern latitudes to cross the Northwest Passage. 

Infinity pool at the transom, collapsible bulwarks that fold down to reveal a 1,450 square foot beach club, and a custom A-frame crane that sits flush on deck when not in use.

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