Concierge Services Are Now Available From A New Company

Concierge Services Are Now Available From A New Company
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We provide concierge services to charter operators and brokers, FBOs, and corporate flight departments on behalf of our clients. Founded this fall by David Rimmer, a 20-year veteran of business aviation and former president of Talon Air, and his partners, Omar Diaz and Andy Ferguson, the company is based on the belief that passengers' experience of traveling by private jet begins the moment they pull into a FBO parking lot.

“An added level of service can make a big difference,” said Rimmer, CEO of Suits on the Ground. For business aviation, the first and last hundred feet are crucial.

He says Suits On the Ground fills a gap that exists today by providing passenger meet and greets, ground transportation, luggage transfers, and fulfilling last-minute requests that may be difficult for busy FBO staff or flight crews.

Chartering an airplane or owning an airplane costs a lot of money, so people deserve perfection," Rimmer said. We're not just a brand extension...we're also the canary in the coal mine. If things aren't going well, we can let you know early. The service may fall short here and there, but we have time to fix them."

Geographic restrictions do not apply to Suits on the Ground services. Alternatively, the company partners would not hesitate to get on an airplane to provide whatever service is requested."

In September, Rimmer said his company supported several trips. The FBO has requested our assistance in moving a large number of passengers," he explained. “They just didn’t feel they could do the movement justice with the staffing that they had.”

Due to the high level of growth and demand being experienced in the charter market at the moment, Rimmer believes that there's a significant opportunity for Suits on the Ground to take advantage of. We believe that operators and brokers need to ask themselves how they are going to differentiate themselves from their competitors, said Rimmer. It is a firm belief of mine that while price is a factor, it's also important to consider service along with price. A customer wants to believe that they are well taken care of by their provider and that the provider goes the extra mile to provide them with the kind of personal, face-to-face service they have come to expect.

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