Choosing The Right Goyard Tote: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing The Right Goyard Tote: The Ultimate Guide
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History of Goyard Bags

Founded in 1853 in Paris, Goyard is the oldest leather goods manufacturer still in business today. A year later, Louis Vuitton was established. As compared to other top luxury bag brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, the company remains privately owned. Although Edmond Goyard created the iconic Goyardine canvas in 1892, it wasn't named Goyardine until 1982. Log-drivers and the Y in Goyard are symbolized by the interlocking Ys and dots.

It was Jean-Michel Signoles' decision to purchase Goyard from the family in 1998, which led to the expansion of the company's workshops in France, as well as opening new stores in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America. Signoles also introduced new colors such as red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, navy blue, burgundy, white, and gray. In the early 2000s, Goyard switched to mechanical screen printing after hand painting its signature Goyardine. Personalizations are still made by Goyard artisans.

A variety of products are available at Goyard, including travel goods, bags and accessories for men and women, pet accessories, and special orders. Almost anything can be special ordered at Goyard. It is a popular brand among celebrities, royals, heads of state, and designers. Chanel and Lagerfeld both owned Goyard. Besides his cat, Choupette, Karl also had custom items made for him.

One of the reasons Goyard bags and totes are so popular is that Goyardine is made from a blend of hemp, linen, and cotton. Goyardine is water resistant and resists stains and tears.

Where to Buy Goyard bags

Only retail locations sell Goyard items, and no online shopping is available. To buy a Goyard bag online, you have to use a marketplace such as Sotheby's. Since Goyard bags are incredibly popular, most items sell quickly after they are listed. If you are looking for a specific bag, make sure to check frequently. In addition to auctioning Goyard bags, Sotheby's also offers a better selection online.

Black and Brown Goyardine Canvas and Chevroches Calfskin St Louis GM Tote Silver Hardware. Courtesy of Sotheby’s 

Goyard Saint Louis Tote is the most popular Goyard bag

After the Saint Louis Goyard tote, the Saigon Goyard bag is the most popular Goyard bag. The Goyard Saint Louis is so popular that it drives over half of the company's revenue. Goyard bags such as the Goyard Tote Anjou, the Goyard Tote Artois, and the Belvedere crossbody are the next most popular.

Green Goyardine Canvas & Chevroches Calfskin Saint Louis PM Tote. Courtesy of Sotheby’s 

Saint Louis Tote by Goyard

As one of Goyard's most popular bags, the Saint Louis tote dates back to the 1930s. There are three sizes available in the Goyard Saint Louis, PM, GM and XXL, all with a detachable pouch. Junior sizes are no longer available. Most popular sizes are the Saint Louis PM and Saint Louis GM.

Saint Louis Claire-Voie Goyard Tote Limited Edition

A special edition Goyard Saint Louis Claire-Voie was recently released by Goyard. A term used in architecture and decorative arts gives the Saint Louis Claire-Voie its name. A colorful outer triangle is created by intertwining the chevrons around the Goyardine. Green, red, orange, blue, and pink are the colors available on the limited edition Goyard tote.

Rose and White Goyardine Canvas and Chevroches Calfskin Saint Louis Claire-Voie GM. Courtesy of Sotheby’s 

Anjou Tote by Goyard

In addition to the traditional Goyardine material of the Goyard Saint Louis, the Goyard Anjou tote is lined with leather and reversible. A detachable pouch is also included. A Mini, PM, MM and GM model are available for the Goyard Anjou.

Artois PM Bag. Courtesy of Goyard 

Goyard Tote: Artois

The Goyard Artois is another Goyard tote that differs from the Goyard Saint Louis in its more structured shape and four leather bottom corners. There is no pouch on this bag, but there is an internal pocket. Both the PM and MM sizes of the Goyard Artois are available.

Goyard Tote Prices

Every year, Goyard's prices are raised, just like those of other luxury brands. Recently, Goyard stopped charging differently for standard colors and special colors. Due to this shift in pricing, the cost of a black Goyard St Louis PM increased by 26% in 2022 over 2021. Special colors are expected to increase by only 10% in 2021. It costs about $1,600 to purchase a Saint Louis PM tote, $1,900 to purchase a Saint Louis GM tote, and about $2,300 to purchase a Saint Louis XXL tote from Goyard. Despite similar sizes, the Goyard totes, Anjour and Artois, sell for more due to the amount of leather used.

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