Check out the Tesla Cybertruck making a super-tight turn using 4-wheel steering

Check out the Tesla Cybertruck making a super-tight turn using 4-wheel steering
Courtesy of @Tokyotesla1

In the near future, the eagerly awaited electric vehicle is expected to be produced in order to meet the rising demand.

With the Tesla Cybertruck nearing production, we're getting closer to being able to understand what it can do as a vehicle.

A video that was posted to Twitter earlier this week demonstrated how the four-wheel steering system works on the eagerly-anticipated electric pickup truck that has been on the market for over a year. In the video, which has been viewed over seven million times, the hulking EV is shown in action, showing just how agile it will be for its size.

Recently, a tweeter shared a video that showed off the four-wheel steering of the Cybertruck that was posted several months ago. Compared to what we've seen so far, this is the best look at it we've had so far. Video footage shows an electric vehicle being maneuvered around an empty factory floor while a shopper watches in awe as he is being taken around what appears to be a private demonstration. The electric bruiser begins to demonstrate that both sets of wheels are angled in different directions during a particularly sharp turn, allowing it to make a much tighter circle compared to when it had both wheels angled in the same direction.

Courtesy of @Tokyotesla1

The four-wheel (or rear-wheel) steering of a vehicle allows you to turn the front with the front axle, as well as the rear axle with the rear axle. This type of technology, which has already existed since the 1890s, has proven to be relatively uncommon and is still largely unknown. Among Cybertruck's main competitors, GMC Hummer EV, which is one of the biggest players in the EV market, also offers this feature. The EV Musk was talking about at that time was claimed to be able to drive diagonally like a crab, as Musk had claimed at the time.

A video showing four-wheel steering was retweeted on Saturday, and Elon Musk responded, but he did not address its actual functionality. "It is very difficult to build, as it is unlike any other car, but, as stated publicly, Cybertruck production begins this year," he added.

Courtesy of Tesla 

The video is the most convincing evidence yet that the Cybertruck will begin production later this year, but there's no doubt that it'll kick off production within the next few months. While it is expected that the truck will become readily available in 2023, I wouldn't be wrong to assume that it won't be readily available in 2023. In a Q&A with investors last month, a senior executive of the company told the audience that volume production isn't expected to begin until the end of next year at the earliest.

As the production date draws nearer, we will be able to provide more detailed information about the Cybertruck, which will include what it is capable of, as well as how much it will cost.

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