Check out Rich Report’s recommendation for Daniel Boulud's home-cooked brunch

Check out Rich Report’s recommendation for Daniel Boulud's home-cooked brunch
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There is no Bloody Mary included, unfortunately.

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Whenever I lived in the city, I loved the weeks surrounding Labor Day the most—not just when I lived there, but even in years before and after that. In August, there was a strong smell of garbage in the air that is beginning to subside, as cool breezes swept through the city while the summer sun stayed up well into the evening hours. Moreover, as a tennis fan, I can tell you that as the US Open continues in Flushing and the calendar turns to September, there's an energy in the city.

It was a joy to spend many days watching grand slam tennis matches at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center, gathered with friends for pop-up watch parties around the city, like Madison Square Park, or laid back in front of the TV in my own home flipping between grand slam tennis and the start of football season.

Although I am currently on the West Coast, I am still participating in sports, but I miss that particular New York feel. That's where Daniel Boulud comes in. While nothing can replace the feeling of the city, it is nice to have a little taste of the city with me in LA as I zone out in front of the TV for wall-to-wall sports.

"Brunch of Champions" boxes are currently being shipped nationwide by a Frenchman who has turned himself into a New York staple over the past few decades. For the US Open celebrations, the Gallic chef has partnered with Lavazza to develop a package featuring a mini-brioche topped with whipped chive butter, two almond croissants with coffee infused inside, four coffee-infused caneles and eight ounces of lox, along with two bags of Lavazza, and a moka-style espresso pot designed by Carmencita.

In this little Italian coffeemaker, you can use your stovetop boiler to make espresso the old fashioned way, brewing it the old-fashioned way. It is a very smooth and rich coffee that takes well to be lengthened a little with hot water if you want a nice Americano to go with your caneles, lox, and croissants. You can still have Boulud cater your lazy Sunday grazing all year round, even though this box is a limited edition package associated with the US Open.

Brunch is one of the most beloved meals of the day, and it's no wonder why. It's a leisurely and relaxed meal that combines breakfast and lunch, and it's perfect for lazy weekends or special occasions. But if you're looking for a new and exciting brunch recipe to impress your guests, look no further than Daniel Boulud's home-cooked brunch. And luckily, we have Rich Report's top recommendation for this delectable meal.

Daniel Boulud is a world-renowned chef and restaurateur, and his home-cooked brunch is a testament to his culinary expertise. Rich Report, a trusted food blogger and critic, highly recommends Boulud's brunch for its bold flavors, simple ingredients, and easy-to-follow instructions.

One of the standout dishes in Boulud's brunch is his take on the classic eggs Benedict. Instead of using the traditional English muffin, Boulud swaps it out for a savory potato cake, and tops it with poached eggs, smoked salmon, and a tangy hollandaise sauce. The result is a mouthwatering dish that's sure to impress your guests.

But the brunch doesn't stop there. Boulud's menu also includes a refreshing citrus salad with grapefruit and oranges, a cheesy spinach and bacon quiche, and a decadent pain perdu (French toast) with warm maple syrup. And of course, no brunch is complete without a boozy drink, so Boulud suggests a grapefruit mimosa to pair with the meal.

In conclusion, if you're looking to elevate your brunch game, Daniel Boulud's home-cooked brunch is definitely worth a try. With Rich Report's top recommendation and Boulud's expert guidance, you'll be whipping up a delicious and memorable meal in no time.

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