Cavorite X5 Evtol Aircraft Developed And Certified By Horizon

Cavorite X5 Evtol Aircraft Developed And Certified By Horizon
Courtesy by Horizon Aircraft)

Horizon Aircraft is developing a hybrid-electric eVTOL vehicle called the Cavorite X5. (Image: Horizon Aircraft)

CertCenterCanada (3C) is supporting Horizon Aircraft's Cavorite X5 eVTOL vehicle development and type certification. The start-up will receive services from a Transportation Canada-approved independent flight test and certification design approval organization, including gap analysis, certification planning, certifiable design consulting, training, flight testing, and airworthiness approval support, under a memorandum of understanding signed this week.

A half-scale technology demonstrator developed by Ontario-based Horizon conducted its first hover flight tests in January. Designed for air taxi services, cargo deliveries, disaster relief, and emergency medical services, the production version of the hybrid-electric aircraft will seat four passengers plus one pilot. With 16 ducted fans built into its wing and canard, it has a patented fan-in-wing vertical lift system. 

In 2016, 3C was founded near Montreal to support a variety of civil and military aerospace projects. Aside from its expertise in avionics, software, and human-factors engineering, it is also approved by the FAA and EASA.

Phil Cole, 3C's business development vice president, says the company has been following Horizon Aircraft's Cavorite X5 program from a distance for some time. As an aircraft manufacturer with extensive experience, Horizon Aircraft is familiar with both the challenges associated with airworthiness approval and vehicle operations. Therefore, they are taking a very pragmatic approach to their development in order to greatly reduce program risks."

A transition flight test with Cavorite X5 is now being prepared by Horizon. An aircraft in full-scale form is expected to be built by 2025, with type certification to follow in 2026, using the ACE Wind Tunnel in Toronto.

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