Beauty and Wellness Spots to Visit Right Now in Paris

Beauty and Wellness Spots to Visit Right Now in Paris
La Piscine Joséphine Baker. Courtesy of Time Out 

In the City of Lights, Rich Report takes you to some of the coolest addresses for beauty and wellness.

Although 'French girl cool' may be a low-key look, it's far from maintenance-free since I moved to Paris from London. As a matter of fact, Parisians dress up more often and value looking pulled-together more than Londoners, who value eclecticism and individuality more. 

In Paris, even subtlety is far from maintenance-free, and well-groomed hair, nails, brows, and skin are non-negotiable. Natural or organic brands are becoming increasingly popular among women, but they are not willing to compromise on quality. It's no secret that Parisians expect nothing but the best in everything.

Courtesy of Sortir a Paris

L’Espace Beauté, La Samaritaine

Take a few steps along the Seine from the Louvre, or cross the Pont Neuf from Saint Germain, to find Paris's most elegant and talked-about grand magasin, La Samaritaine. The museum reopened in 2021 after undergoing a massive renovation in an Art Nouveau building dating back to 1870. 

From the fifth floor, admire the restored glass roof and decorative frieze, then descend the riveted steel staircase to the basement, where shining counters showcase Tom Ford, La Mer, and Darphin brands you might not know.

You can also discover smaller beauty and wellness brands to fill your case on the rue de Rivoli side of the store, past manicure stations by Kure Bazaar, and a spa by Les Cinq Mondes. Tax-refund areas are key areas for travelers from outside the EU, as they can receive up to 10% back on most purchases when they spend more than €100.01. You can even receive funds instantly by using in-store machines.


It has been discussed previously that Parisiennes are experts at polishing. There's a nail bar almost on every corner in Paris' double-digit arrondissements, those more renowned for their abundance of residential buildings. 

One of the best restaurants of its kind is Muse, located in the elegant 16th arrondissement (with a branch in the hip 17th arrondissement as well). A tiny but perfectly formed salon on Avenue Victor Hugo, a tree-lined street of boutiques and cafes stretching away from the Arc de Triomphe, offers fast-but-flawless manicures to elegant locals and lunchtime drop-ins. Women in Paris tend to opt for noir or khaki for their short, tidy nails, but nail art is also an option.

Courtesy of Time Out Paris 

L’Institut 68

Perhaps you've seen the Guerlain flagship store on the Champs Elysées, where the brand sells luxury perfumes, makeup and skincare - but did you know about their indulgent spa upstairs? Parisian women make up the majority of the clientele, because most visitors don't know about it. 

A 98-year-old local has been visiting the spa since he was 14 years old, with nine treatment rooms, and large windows from the Guerlain family's grand apartment. The panelling, marble, even light fixtures have remained intact, and one 98-year-old local has been visiting since he was 14 years old.

This elegant space is now used to deliver treatments that combine modern skincare technology with traditional techniques, such as its 80-year-old 19-minute facial massage. It's not a closed-down, retreat-style spa, which is exactly why busy Parisians love it here, the spa's director tells me - they never feel isolated.

Courtesy of Nose 


One of Paris's hottest perfume concept stores is Nose, located in the second arrondissement. My last three great perfume loves are entered on an iPad as I sit in a sleek black bar with a small cafe. The algorithm of Nose was developed in conjunction with perfume experts and AI to suggest five new scents I might like. 

Store staff spray them onto five sample strips, so I can sniff them and rank them without knowing their brand or name. As a result, I have three fragrances to try on my skin, and this information is re-incorporated into the algorithm. It's hard to choose between my final three. 

A fourth perfume is also thrown in the mix by the Nose team, who knows the 500 perfumes from the base notes to the top notes. My olfactory profile is saved on their site as well as a tissue-stuffed bag and samples of the ones that escaped.  An unmissable experience.

Pharmacie Du Forum Des Halles

Shopping malls aren't why you came to Paris. If you want to stock up on French pharmacy brands, here's where to go: Pharmacy Du Forum Des Halles, a superstore pharmacy in the first arrondissement. 

Almost every corner of the country has pharmacies carrying La Roche Posay, Embryolisse, Caudalie, Bioderma, and more, but here are the products you've been looking for from all the brands you've been reading about, as well as unusual categories from brands that you'll know (like skincare from Klorane, bodycare from Avène) and hard-to-find French brands (like Saeve Paris, Avril, Nubiance).

Be sure to check out the giant sizes and multi-packs of your favorites, as well as the minis in a pick-and-mix bin. Gratitude is due to the leniency of the Eurostar luggage allowance.

Courtesy of Aime 

La Boutique Aime

Would it be possible to channel that French glow in capsule form? Aime's food supplements are based on probiotics and the idea that a healthy gut - or microbiome - leads to healthy skin. Staff can advise you on choosing between a range of capsules, powders, and drops that aim to improve skin, hair, sleep, and digestion at its beautifully curated flagship store in the Marais. Additionally, you can get a facial, a scalp massage, or a session in the brand's sauna at Le Glow Studio.

Courtesy of La Piscine Joséphine Baker

La Piscine Joséphine Baker

As of 2025, the French government expects the Seine to be clean enough for swimming. Piscine Joséphine Baker is available to those who can't wait for the clean-up operation. Located on a barge on the left bank of the river, this city-run pool offers all the views without any of the natural elements. 

In Paris there are many outdoor pools, but this one might be the most picturesque, with its glass roof that opens when the weather is good: you will know when it is when you see the queue. Paris offers a lot of municipal pools, many of which are picturesque and very clean, but rules are strictly enforced here - all swimmers must wear hats, and men must wear Speedos.

Courtesy of Trip Advisor 

Spa Le Bristol

No matter what you're looking for, Paris has it all, whether it's hotels, food, wine, or spas. In the city, there are a number of excellent, elegant and traditional spas, some of which are located within palatial hotels. La Prairie's Spa Le Bristol is the grand dame of these spas. 

There are also Tata Harper and La Prairie facials and signature massages, which use oils specifically created by KOS Paris, a natural body care company with a facility in Paris. As well as grooming services (which you'll probably need to keep up with celebrities in the lobby), you can get Tata Harper and La Prairie facials and signature massages. The hotel's treatments are available to non-residents and offer a taste of true Parisian luxury.

Courtesy of Maisie Café

Maisie Café

There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan and wellness-focused menus to add to your itinerary in France, even though the staples of the French diet are not just a cliché - six billion baguettes are sold every year in France - many tourists and natives alike are keen to lighten up a little. 

Located between Jardin des Tuileries and Hotel Costes, Maisie Cafe is a vegan and gluten-free coffee shop in the first arrondissement. For a day of exhibitions or shopping, cold-pressed juices, energy balls, oat-milk Matcha lattes, and banana bread are the perfect fuel.

Courtesy of Yuj Yoga Studio 

Yuj Yoga Studio

Yoga studios aren't nearly as plentiful in Paris as in London or New York, but there are plenty to choose from - though not all are quite as stylish as Yuj. The 7th location is alluringly situated under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and is one of six locations in the city. 

Like many things in Paris, the aesthetic skews smart, with navy blue and gold signage and striped awnings. A USP here is that classes are held under infrared light, which heats the studios to a warm but not scorching 25 degrees. You can even check out the brand's activewear line as you leave, as its soundtrack is carefully selected.

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