Azimut Launches Three New Hybrid Yachts to Reduce Carbon Footprint by 40%

Azimut Launches Three New Hybrid Yachts to Reduce Carbon Footprint by 40%
The Seadeck 6. Courtesy of Azimut

During the upcoming boot Düsseldorf, there is a possibility that the first three Seadeck models will be displayed for the first time.

There are three models in the Seadeck range, the 6, the 7 and the 8, aimed at reducing emissions by as much as 40 percent when compared to conventional vessels in their respective classes. The Italian yard has instead introduced an entirely new line of hybrid motor yachts for families.

The Seadeck series has been branded by Azimut as its most efficient line of boats to date.

In line with the company's green philosophy, the new Azimut yachts will be built with a range of recycled and recyclable materials, which will be in line with the company's green philosophy. Of course, the yachts will still retain the sophisticated Italian style for which they are so renowned. 

In order for you to always be in the lap of luxury while on long voyages, the Seadecks are characterized by a design that creates a nice flow between the interior and exterior of the ship.

Another feature of the boat is the fun island that is basically a fully open aft lounge that is completely free of walls and bulwarks so that you have the impression that you are floating in the air.

The Seadeck 7 Exterior. Courtesy of Azimut

With a length of 57 feet, the Seadeck 6 can accommodate three guest cabins and one crew cabin. Three Volvo IPS 500 or 650 engines can generate 380 horsepower or 480 horsepower, respectively. The Seadeck 7, on the other hand, is equipped with two Volvo IPS 1200 engines which can generate 900 horsepower and reach speeds of 30 knots. 

Courtesy of Azimut

Currently, the 72-footer is equipped with four guest cabins and one crew cabin. Additional details on the Seadeck 8 are yet to be revealed, but you can expect it to be even bigger and more powerful than ever before.

The vessels have been designed by Alberto Mancini, Matteo Thun, and Antonio Rodriguez with lightweight carbon exteriors and sleek planing hulls that together increase the vessels' efficiency on the seas. As well as rooftop solar panels, there will be a battery pack on board that will power the hotel without emitting any emissions for a period of four to eight hours while at anchor.

On top of that, the yachts will also be equipped with energy recovery systems that will generate hot water, as well as anti-UV films on the windows to regulate the interior temperature.

According to Rich Report, the Seadeck 6 is scheduled to debut at boot Düsseldorf in 2024, and the Seadeck 7 and 8 are expected to make their debut at boot Stuttgart in 2025.

The Seadeck 6 Exterior. Courtesy of Azimut
The Seadeck 6. Courtesy of Azimut

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