As A Result Of Triton's Discovery, A Three-Person Sub With An Acrylic Hull Is Revealed

As A Result Of Triton's Discovery, A Three-Person Sub With An Acrylic Hull Is Revealed
Courtesy of REV Ocean

A three-person acrylic submarine, Triton's Aurelia, holds the world record for deepest diving three-person acrylic submarines with a depth of 7,500 feet.

Designed specifically for use onboard REV Ocean's research yacht Aurelia, it can carry two guests and a pilot into some of the deepest waters on the planet.

In addition to 360-degree views underwater, passengers and researchers can enjoy virtual 360-degree views through the spherical transparent acrylic hull. Due to its advanced equipment, it is ideal for data collection, sample collection, and underwater filming by scientists, filmmakers, and curious explorers alike.

Courtesy of REV Ocean

The construction of Aurelia will shortly be completed.

One of the world's most well-equipped research vessels, the yacht has Aurora, REV Ocean's remote controlled vehicle. The yacht is primarily used as a base for scientific expeditions, but guests can also rent it privately, experiencing the latest Triton technologies as well as joining researchers on long-distance cruises.

The CEO of REV Ocean describes Aurelia as a fantastic product that fits perfectly into the company's scientific objectives. With Aurelia and Aurora now in service, we now have the best ocean science, education, and communication combination in the world."

As the final stages of Aurelia's construction are completed, she will sail around the Balearic Islands for extensive sea trials before receiving her final certification.

Triton is proud to support Project REV Ocean's ambitious initiative to dive deeper, explore further, and learn more about the ocean, said Patrick Lahey, Triton's founding and president. It is an honor and a privilege for Triton to collaborate with an organization like Project REV Ocean, as we never stop innovating."

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