Are you planning to fly into Montana? First, read this.‍

Are you planning to fly into Montana? First, read this.‍
Gallatin Airport Authority

Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN) business aircraft operators should inquire in advance about jet-A availability. Because of the holiday season's increased traffic, there is a shortage of jet fuel.

As airport manager Brian Sprenger told BJT, "unprecedented demand" has been seen over the past few weeks, with 35 to 40 percent more traffic than usual. A shortage of fuel was caused by the arrival of large, long-range aircraft and slowdowns in fuel tanker deliveries due to the COVID pandemic. According to Sprenger, traffic levels in 2019 were 20 percent higher than in previous years.

Bizav Faces Grave Risks without Sustainability Efforts

Bizav Faces Grave Risks Without Sustainability Efforts

If bizav doesn't respond sufficiently to climate change, Ford von Weise of Citi warns that lending will be restricted and more regulations will be implemented.

Using its 120,000-gallon jet-A supply, Signature Flight Support's Yellowstone Jet Center conducts all airline fueling on the ground, and is reserving fuel for airline obligations and based customers. In addition to ensuring adequate fuel supplies for its based aircraft clients, Jet Aviation operates the other FBO at KBZN.

The airport's current constrained fuel stock should return to normal after the post-New Year's departure rush ends.

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