Angkor Wat Rises With The Sun

Angkor Wat Rises With The Sun
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Enjoy a hot air balloon ride over the sacred temples in the morning sun.

Intrepid travelers want to see Angkor Wat in person, as it is the largest temple complex in the world. Take advantage of Zannier Hotels Phum Baitang's hot air balloon flight to avoid the hordes of tourists.

The morning sun rises over the sacred temples, and you gently float over them. Observing the structure below in solitude will provide you with an otherworldly, spiritual experience. Irradiate the temple with mesmerizing shades of orange and pink as the sun paints the sky.

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You'll find saunas, steam rooms, yoga pavilions, gyms, and a 164-foot outdoor infinity pool at the Spa Temple. Get a 90-minute 'miraculous transformation' with The Angkor - Temples Ritual. Rice farmers would apply hand-crushed spices to their legs after a long day standing in water tending rice paddies.

A warm leaf cocoon wrap precedes the application of a masque of freshly crushed ginger, turmeric, nutmeg and cloves, followed by an herbal foot soak.

Pain is relieved and lymphatic drainage is encouraged through acupressure and reflexology applied to tired feet.

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