An 'Peaky Blinders'-Inspired Whiskey From Bushmills Shows How Prohibition Hooch Tasted

An 'Peaky Blinders'-Inspired Whiskey From Bushmills Shows How Prohibition Hooch Tasted
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Drinking booze and watching Netflix.

I wouldn't say no to a Breaking Bad Bourbon, even though it seems like an obvious choice. Mad Men Manhattans could have worked, and Mad Men Manhattans could have worked. A new Irish whiskey tie-in from Bushmills Prohibition Recipe Irish Whiskey is the subject matter for Netflix's Peaky Blinders.

Cillian Murphy's main character Tommy Shelby runs Shelby Company Ltd., the fictional family business owned by Shelby Company Ltd. Press materials say Shelby Company Ltd. owns the whiskey. Because Shelby is Irish, Bushmills was an obvious choice to partner with Caryn Mandabach Productions, Peaky Blinders' brand owner and producer, to release whiskey. In this whiskey, fans of the show are transported to the era when visiting Shelby's Garrison pub in Birmingham might be possible. Featuring a portrait of Tommy on the label and Shelby company name, the bottle is inspired by the vintage Bushmills you see in the pub onscreen.

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In creating this throwback bottle, Egan sought to emphasize how Irish whiskey was produced and tasted a century ago. The Original blend is bottled at 80 proof, but this blend is non-chill filtered and 92 proof. As opposed to the Original, which was aged in a mixture of sherry and bourbon barrels, this whiskey was matured in all-new ex-bourbon barrels, and it has notes of rye bread, orange marmalade, citrus and vanilla bean.

Online you can purchase Bushmills Prohibition Recipe, and even if you don't watch the show, you might enjoy tasting it side-by-side with Bushmills Original.

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