An Overview of The Spa at Euphoria Retreat in Greece

An Overview of The Spa at Euphoria Retreat in Greece
Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

The benefits of sunshine for the body and the mind cannot be underestimated.

Euphoria is nestled on a hillside beneath the 13th-century Mystras and its fresco-filled Byzantine churches in the beautiful Peloponnese, a few hours away from Athens and near Taygetos, the sacred mountain. 

As Rich Report points out, compared to the cold clinics of northern Europe, the joy-filled, sunny wellness experience attracts repeat customers, who not only come for the substantial healing experience, but also for the feeling of care and uplift. You are likely to be joined by intellectual spa enthusiasts who understand Marina Efraimoglou's vision, as well as sun-loving Europeans seeking a rejuvenation after Covid.

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

How did this all begin?

When Marina Efraimoglou ran one of Greece's major banks for the first time, she was struck by cancer. As a result of her own quest to restore her health through Western medicine and Eastern wisdom and love of alternative therapies, she decided to retrain in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which had helped her. 

The experience inspired her to create a retreat that would help others in similar situations. Euphoria Retreat's staff follow in her footsteps, evoking warmth and wisdom in order to bring happiness and health to those they meet in life. Marina is joined at the retreat by renowned nutritionist Dr George Leon and meditation teacher Mary Vandaorou, whose soothing voice guides many of the retreat's classes. 

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

How does the wellness concept work?

The destination spa combines east and west in a uniquely harmonious manner to provide medicine for both the mind and the body. This is a great place to take a step back and refocus, whether it's a physical or psychological adjustment. In terms of what it offers for the body and soul, it is an incredibly balanced retreat that allows people to rebalance. 

In addition to the many other programmes available, the three-day Feel Alive Again programme is ideal for those burnt out by the pace of 21st-century life or suffering from the after effects of the pandemic. Through laughter yoga, breathwork, dance, meditation and music, it aims to release negative emotions, stress, and anxiety experienced by participants.

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

How do the signature treatments work?

Aside from the Feel Alive Again programme, be sure to book some of the signature treatments such as Gua Sha with Vladia, Watsu, and the Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual. A homoeopathic doctor can also perform a thorough analysis and prescribe treatment. 

An important part of the retreat is the beautiful winding staircase that begins at the Kniepp foot bath area and ends with a window overlooking the blue Greek skies, leading to treatment rooms, while the indoor pool leads to the outdoor pool surrounded by pine trees.

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Do you have any recommendations for therapists?

All of them are good, but if you can, take the time to get to know Mary, whose gentle wisdom and insightful comments help to put life's challenges into perspective.

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Is there anything unique about it?

After completing your 3GL test upon arrival, your nutritionist can tailor your meals, which include two snacks between breakfast, lunch, and dinner, based on how your body metabolizes food.

It is because of this speedy analysis that you can really get the most out of your time here. In terms of treatments, body and mind are equally valued here, and the warmth of the place envelops the individual. As a result of its warmth and the re-energising heat of the sun, it is such a restorative place.

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

Are there any other services they offer?

To ensure that your tailored meals deliver the desired effect, all of the food is seasonal, local, and carefully measured in antioxidants and nutritional value. A personalised menu can include fresh fish, Greek cheese, and salads. For breakfast, you could have buckwheat pancakes with berries one day and scrambled eggs the next. 

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

Sea bream with grilled vegetables is often served after a carrot and ginger soup, flavoured with citrus and accompanied by pumpkin seeds and prawns for lunch. There is a fish saffron soup with freshly ground lemon pepper served at dinner, as well as a lentil salad with wine – and coffee – allowed. 

A library contains books that you can borrow in order to continue reading on one of the many topics that might have arisen during your retreat, such as guided hikes to Mystras of varying difficulty, outdoor exercises and fitness trails.

Courtesy of Euphoria Retreat 

Do you have a place to stay?

The hotel has 45 rooms next to and above the spa, all decorated in muted gold and deep red hues. There are some with baths, some with showers, and most have terraces or balconies outside. The rooms are extremely comfortable without being cutting edge.

Anything else to mention?

Despite the fact that Euphoria Retreat is filled with a sense of place, from the Greek mountain herb tea that is served in the garden to the lemon trees in the garden, the medicines and the wisdom that it provides are truly global in scope.

Last but not the least...

There are many benefits to going here on your own, including getting some down time in a pleasant environment, as well as getting on track with weight loss in a way a more rigorous regime cannot.

From £1,449 per person sharing, Healing Holidays can arrange a 3 day Feel Alive Again programme, which includes transfers, breakfast, and treatments. With a 45-day advance booking, you will receive 12% off your room and board. Valid until 7 January 2024. 

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