An Industry First: Superyacht Scout

An Industry First: Superyacht Scout
Courtesy of Boat International 

The superyacht Scout was one of the standout deliveries of 2019.

There were more than 150 new superyachts delivered in 2019, including the 209-ft yacht Scout, built for James Berwind and Kevin Clark. This semi-permanent base will be a place for owners and their canine companions to explore the world together — naming her after one of their beloved dogs.

Scout's story begins with a napkin. "We sketched on a napkin before interviewing any designers," say Berwind and Clark. “Our wish list was to have a capable, comfortable explorer to travel the world, and we got a long-range ice-classed yacht with ample crew and guest areas, advanced systems for fuel efficiency, telecommunications and responsible waste management.” In every step of the build, the couple was extremely hands-on, resulting in a yacht that was truly personal to them. “During the build we were involved 110%, in every aspect of the project,” they added.

The yacht's exterior and interior designs were ultimately commissioned to UK-based H2 Yacht Design after they developed the initial concept. "Jonny Horsfield and his team executed our vision impeccably," say Berwind and Clark. With Scout, Hakvoort Shipyard has built its biggest yacht in its 100-year history.

As a result of Scout's unique design and playful details, combined with a contemporary, practical layout, the yacht is eminently usable while still bursting with personality. “Scout’s design was influenced by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, the interiors of Jules Verne’s Nautilus submarine, every James Bond villain’s lair, with a touch of Looney Tunes,” added Berwind and Clark. “Everything about the interior focuses on the outside views with abundant windows and sliding glass walls.”

A lounge on one of the many decks aboard superyacht Scout. Courtesy of Boat International

She combines hardy explorer capabilities with striking lines and hints of trawler influence on her exterior design. Despite it sounding strange on paper, it works beautifully in practice. She turns heads everywhere she goes - inside and out. There are also forward-sloping windows, exposed tenders in the bow, and cut-down bulwarks.

A playful pop of yellow complements her gray hull and white superstructure. “She is a very unique vessel that really captures the owners’ passion for being on the water and their fun outlook on yachting,” notes Captain Kynan McDonald. “It’s been an exciting project to be a part of.”

It's no surprise that the winter garden space is a favorite hosting spot; it features a cocktail bar for sharing drinks and a dining table for 14. With atmospheric flames flickering in front of the horizon, the intimate C-shaped fire pit aft of the winter garden is a popular gathering spot.

Maritime-themed artifacts adorn the library in a beautiful privately owned apartment. An observation lounge forward of the apartment provides a hidden bar area within a globe structure, seating around stone-topped tables inset with constellations, and an artwork by British artist Alistair Gibson that hangs from the ceiling. The apartment is a stylish retreat with multiple spaces, including an observation lounge forward. A frosted full-length window to port and starboard is located in the owners' full-beam bedroom suite.

Courtesy of Boat International

In the master suite, the owners created a custom garden area that they affectionately call "Puppy Park," which is used by their two dogs, Scout and Brio. Considering that their pets would be on board for long periods of time, the boat had to be designed accordingly. There is a 'yard' for the dogs on board, as well as pet-friendly materials and doors with puppy-proof latches, gates and scuppers. The yacht itself was also constructed with a passion for animals. “As animal rights activists, we used no animal-based materials — no fur, no hide, no bone, etc. — on board.”

The bridge deck is located above the main deck and has a modern bridge with sophisticated operating systems and comfortable seating for those wishing to watch the captain at work. In addition to this deck, the owners have designed a very personal space called the greenhouse, which includes their own potting shed, sink, and gardening equipment.

Courtesy of Boat International

The vast, multifunctional sundeck has proven to be a favorite spot outside. "We live up there with our guests and dogs, and we also appreciate the open space from fore to aft," Berwind and Clark say. An inviting Jacuzzi and panoramic ocean views are included on the sundeck, even by superyacht standards.

With a helicopter pad on the foredeck, guests can arrive and depart in style, and two 26-foot tenders can be deployed easily with an impressive crane. Scout's array of toys and water equipment ensures that guests can enjoy their ocean playground wherever they sail. In addition to Scout, Cockwells built a custom limousine tender designed to carry up to ten guests at a maximum speed of 37 knots.

A lively lounge with aquatic themes. Courtesy of Boat International

As a home away from home, Scout will be a true home away from home for her owners, with their owners hoping to spend up to seven months a year on board. “We plan to use Scout as our primary home for the next several years and hope to travel extensively wherever, whenever, with safety as a primary concern,” according to Berwind and Clark.

Her owners have plans to cruise the British Isles, the Far East, and Hawaii. With her ice-classed hull, very little of the world will be off-limits, and it's clear they'll enjoy it as much as they enjoyed building it. If you can dream it, Scout embodies the endless possibilities of custom yacht building.

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