An extreme form of tattooing is honored in Hublot's new Big Bang watch

An extreme form of tattooing is honored in Hublot's new Big Bang watch
Courtesy of Hublot

Maxime Plescia-Buchi created the all-black model.

In 2006, when Hublot introduced its first watch that was completely black, with a black dial, black indexes, black case and black bezel, it was in a sense suggesting that telling time wasn't the point of the watch.

The Swiss tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Buchi and his creative agency, Sang Bleu, collaborated on Hublot's latest timepiece, the new Big Bang Unico Sang Bleu II All Black.

Courtesy of Hublot

The 45 mm black ceramic and black PVD-coated titanium watch is a horological homage to blackout tattooing, which is an art form in which solid black tattoos are applied across large parts of the body. The hexagons, diamonds and triangles are superimposed over the black ceramic and black PVD-coated titanium case. In the case's polished and satin-finish, light is reflecting on the case's carved, chiseled, angled and faceted surfaces to create the appearance of polygons.

Courtesy of Hublot, ©2020

There is an open caseback on the model that reveals the watch's self-winding Unico HUB1240 chronograph movement. The dial of the watch is decorated with skeletonized elements from Unico.

The art of tattooing has been around for centuries, and it has evolved tremendously over the years. From traditional tribal designs to modern, intricate artwork, tattoos have become a form of self-expression and an extension of one's personality. However, Hublot has taken this form of art to a whole new level with their latest release - the Big Bang Sang Bleu II tattoo-inspired watch.

The Big Bang Sang Bleu II is a collaboration between Hublot and Maxime Buchi, a renowned tattoo artist and graphic designer. Buchi's signature geometric designs are prominently featured on the watch's dial, case, and strap, creating a stunning visual effect. The watch also boasts an impressive array of technical features, including a self-winding movement and a power reserve of up to 72 hours.

What sets this watch apart is not just its unique design but also the extreme form of tattooing that inspired it. Buchi's style, which he calls "neo-tribal," draws inspiration from ancient symbols and patterns and blends them with modern geometry. The result is a bold and intricate design that is both edgy and sophisticated.

Hublot's decision to honor this extreme form of tattooing is a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. The Big Bang Sang Bleu II is not just a watch; it is a work of art that embodies the spirit of creativity and individuality.

In conclusion, Hublot's Big Bang Sang Bleu II watch is a stunning example of how the world of high-end watches and the world of tattooing can intersect to create something truly unique and beautiful. It is a celebration of the art of tattooing in all its forms and a tribute to the creative spirit that drives us all. Whether you are a watch enthusiast, a tattoo lover, or simply appreciate beautiful design, the Big Bang Sang Bleu II is a must-see.

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