Air Mobility For Asia-Pacific: A Report By Rich Report

Air Mobility For Asia-Pacific: A Report By Rich Report
Courtesy by Aviation Internatio News

As part of Global Sky Media's latest Advanced Air Mobility Report, Global Sky Media takes a close look at what is likely to be a major industry in Asia-Pacific in the near future. A large portion of the company's focus has been on business activity in China, where the country's civil aviation regulator is supporting development of eVTOL aircraft that have already invested $720 million.

A total of 19 eVTOL aircraft manufacturers from Asia-Pacific are included in the report, either because they are based there or because they were founded there. A total of four of the companies profiled were formed by automotive manufacturers, while three of them were formed by companies already established in aerospace.

Approximately half of the players in the Asia-Pacific region have headquarters in China, according to the Global Sky team report. It is also worth noting that Australia and Indonesia are also hotspots for advanced air mobility, as well as Japan and South Korea.

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