Adding Glow to Roger Dubuis' $276,000 Watch

Adding Glow to Roger Dubuis' $276,000 Watch
Courtesy of Roger Dubuis

This limited-edition Excalibur Twofold has a lume that's anything but conventional.

It has been a common practice for Swiss watchmakers to experiment with materials that are heavily influenced by the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries for the past two decades. In the result, watches that have never-seen metallurgical combinations, silicon-enhanced movements, and glossy high-tech ceramic cases are becoming increasingly popular.

Courtesy of Roger Dubuis

There is no doubt that Roger Dubuis has raised the bar with his new Excalibur Twofold model—limited to just eight pieces. This timepiece features not one, not two, but three world premieres that give the timepiece two personalities as it takes the brand's signature skeletonized double flying tourbillon to the next level. It is an electric, enigmatic space invader by day, and by night, it transforms into an electric, sci-fi-like white wristwatch with a bold, openworked face.

Courtesy of Roger Dubuis

There are several features of the watch that make it stand out, starting with the fact that the bezel, which is made from Mineral Composite Fiber (MCF), is made of 99.95 percent silica and is a custom material developed by Roger Dubuis.

The watchmakers of this brand have applied an innovative process to the angles of the caliber of the upper plate of the movement in order to make them glow at night by means of a patented process.

Despite the fact that the glow does not stop there, it continues to shine. It's made out of fluorescent fluorocarbon rubber - also known as "LumiSuperBiwiNova" - which is equally luminescent as the strap on the Excalibur Twofold.


As well as its unconventional material choices, this model also features the RD01SQ movement, which has been awarded the prestigious Poinçon de Genève, which is a quality mark that is applied to 100% of the movements made by the Geneva-based manufacturer. 

A retail price of $276,000 has been established for this piece, which was going to be unveiled at the now postponed Watches & Wonders Geneva later this month.

Roger Dubuis is a brand that has become synonymous with luxury and innovation. Their latest masterpiece, a $276,000 watch, is no exception. What sets this watch apart from others in the industry is the addition of a stunning glow. But how is this possible?

The answer lies in the materials and technology used by the brand. The watch face is made of a special compound called XEL, which is a mixture of Super-Luminova and pigments. This compound is then applied to the numerals, indexes, and hands on the watch face, creating a stunning glow that is visible in any lighting condition. The glow is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also serves a functional purpose, making it easier to read the time in low-light conditions.

The use of XEL is not new in the watchmaking industry, but Roger Dubuis has taken it to the next level. They have managed to create a watch that not only glows brightly but also maintains its glow for an extended period. The glow lasts up to 60% longer than other watches in the market, making it a truly remarkable timepiece.

Overall, the addition of a glow to Roger Dubuis' $276,000 watch is a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury. This watch is a true masterpiece that is sure to turn heads and make a statement in any setting.

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