A Waldorf Astoria Residence will open in Costa Rica next year. See what's inside.

A Waldorf Astoria Residence will open in Costa Rica next year. See what's inside.
Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria

As part of its biophilic design, the luxury resort is set to open in Guanacaste at the end of the year with a focus on eco-friendliness.

With more people looking to take longer vacations and work from locations where the internet is available, hotel chains are making it easier than ever for their guests to enjoy their holiday lifestyle whenever they want. 

In a coveted location around the world, the branded residences offer a turnkey living experience with furnished homes and a turn-key living experience. There is one Waldorf Astoria residence nestled along Costa Rica's northwestern coast, entitled Waldorf Astoria Residences Guanacaste, which is Waldorf Astoria's latest residential project.

There is a long history of Steve Case, cofounder of AOL and president of Revolution, owning land in Papagayo Bay that he purchased more than 15 years ago. 

It is anticipated that in late 2022, Revolution will break ground on one of the hotel properties, a Waldorf Astoria Guanacaste, which will have 190 rooms, as well as a residential development, which will have 19 condominiums and 22 estate homes, for the brand's first residential project in Costa Rica. 

From a deck on an estate, you can see the surrounding area. Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria

“Costa Rica, and Guanacaste specifically, offers a rare opportunity—beautiful pristine land, breathtaking beaches and ocean access, along with a welcoming culture,” says Steve Case. “The region provides unparalleled opportunity for both adventures in nature and experiencing a truly peaceful way of life. 

The post-pandemic environment has provided amazing opportunities to work from home and live in extraordinary places, and we anticipate seeing unrivaled demand for the lifestyle that Costa Rica can offer.”

A stunning cliff-side peninsula located along the coast of Cacique is the backdrop for these residences, which are scheduled for completion at the end of 2024. The Waldorf Astoria will adhere to the Costa Rican culture of sustainability, by building eco-friendly homes that are connected to the natural environment, hence the name Waldorf Astoria. 

Among the many aspects of the project, Rich Report states that the residences will be constructed from organic materials and will seamlessly integrate indoors and outdoors in order to maximize the exposure to the natural ecosystem that surrounds the project site. 

A biophilic design approach will be used when designing the residences, and it will be prioritized in the design process to build high efficiency heating, air conditioning, and wastewater systems in the residences. 

Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria

“The teams of architects and landscape architects from Gensler, EDSA and Garnier+Robles Architects have made it their mission to integrate a lush natural environment into the project, with elements that present dramatically different during both the dry and wet seasons,” explains IMI Worldwide Properties' executive vice president of sales, Tricia McCaffrey Hyon.

“The property and residences will be designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape so residents can fully appreciate the steep cliffs, incomparable sunsets and panoramic Pacific Ocean views that make this destination a must-see. Not only has biophilic design been shown to improve the well-being of residents, but it also lends a more sustainable footprint to the development through design improvements in lighting, ventilation and the use of local building materials.”

Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria

From the 19 condos offered, you can choose between two and three bedrooms, ranging in size between 1,509 and 2,209 square feet. It is expected that there will be 22 estate homes in the area, each with a four- and five-bedroom layout and with the option of two- or three-stories. It is expected that the range of prices for the residences will be approximately between $1.62 million and $6.37 million. 

You will have access to a wide variety of amenities at Waldorf Astoria Guanacaste if you are able to secure a property there, including concierge service, restaurants, a spa, and so much more if you manage to secure a property. 

More images of the Waldorf Astoria Residences Guanacaste can be found below:

Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria
Courtesy of Waldorf Astoria
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