A True Renaissance Luxury Experience Awaits You At Hotel Savoy

A True Renaissance Luxury Experience Awaits You At Hotel Savoy
Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels

Explore one of Europe's most celebrated cities with Rich Report as we visit the Hotel Savoy, located in a prime location in the heart of Florence.

There are few places that can claim to be the birthplace of a major cultural movement. The Renaissance is one of the most significant cultural movements in history. Hotel Savoy, a Rocco Forte hotel, is an excellent choice for those visiting Florence - whether on a one-off city break or as part of a grand tour.

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels

It is important to consider the location of a hotel when choosing one in a medieval European city. It is sometimes difficult to use public transportation due to narrow streets and traffic congestion. Staying somewhere where you can walk to everything is the best option. There are a lot of things happening at the Savoy Hotel. The Duomo di Firenze - one of the most iconic buildings in Florence - is just a few yards from the building's grand entrance. An evening stroll for cocktails or a morning stroll in search of coffee is ideal from its location on the edge of the bustling Piazza della Repubblica. 

In 1893, Italian architect Vincenzo Micheli began construction on the Hotel Savoy, designed from the start as a hotel. It provided inspiration for nearby projects due to its modern design, which included electricity, heating, and an elevator. Florentine aristocrats immediately made Hotel Savoy their preferred meeting place.

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels

The Hotel Savoy was originally built 130 years ago, but it doesn't feel dated at all today. This historic city is filled with modern, bright, and fresh décor that inspires a sense of youthful modernity.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli will be instantly recognized by art enthusiasts. The influence of Brunelleschi on architecture is well known to architecture lovers. In spite of Machiavelli's morally ambiguous philosophy, politicians and businessmen continue to use it. An unmissable bastion of European civilization, it was shaped by some of the greatest minds of the last millennium. 

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels


You will be staying in one of the most luxurious hotels in Florence when you stay at the Hotel Savoy. An extensive renovation in 2018 transformed Hotel Savoy into a symbol of Italian and Florentine design. To reveal the essence of Italian elegance, Olga Polizzi drew inspiration from the Renaissance and a partnership with Florentine fashion house Emilio Pucci.

There are 79 bedrooms in the Hotel Savoy, including 29 luxurious suites. The rooms are designed in line with the contemporary style of the hotel while paying homage to the hotel's history. With a location as good as this, almost every room has a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape.

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels

The suites at Hotel Savoy are as varied as they are grand, adding yet another layer of luxury to your stay. The Junior Suites have a woodland theme with soft furnishings adorned in moss and sunflowers, while the Deluxe Suites have separate living and sleeping areas.  

A number of the Grand View Suites at Hotel Savoy have spectacular views of Piazza della Repubblica. Guests will enjoy the fine parquet floor and bespoke Florentine furniture in the in-room bar and private dining room.   

It is only the Duomo Presidential Suite that offers the ultimate in accommodations. Featuring two bedrooms, a sitting room with gold leaf mirrors by Il Bronzetto and a private dining room, this suite is named after Brunelleschi's orange dome. With sophisticated mosaics adorning the Italian marble bathrooms, natural earth tones are a perfect match.   

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels


Florence's Hotel Savoy would not be complete without a stop at Irene, an exceptional Italian restaurant that dominates the ground floor. From the restaurant's glamorous terrace in the Piazza della Repubblica or the retro 50s-inspired interior, diners can soak up the atmosphere of the piazza.  

Light and simple dishes honor traditional Italian cooking throughout their evening dinners in Florence and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. Tuscany is home to some of the best truffles in the world, so rest assured that truffles will be featured throughout the menu.

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels

Tuscan stuffed pork with wild mushrooms and thyme sauce; Risotto with radicchio, aged parmesan cheese, black garlic and pomegranate; and beef tartare with black truffles by Mr. Borgioli.

Chef Giovanni Cosmai uses the freshest, high-quality, locally sourced ingredients which are so important to Italian cooking under the guidance of Pierangelini, the head chef at Irene.

An outdoor drink on the terrace might be the best way to end dinner. An excellent choice would be a Negroni, which was invented in Florence in 1919. Federico Galli, the head barman and leading figure in Florentine mixology, elevates the classic Italian cocktail with a Tuscan vermouth by Winestillery.    

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While Florence is a busy, bustling and exciting city, it's also important to enjoy some downtime on your trip so you can explore and discover its countless hidden gems. If you want to add a little extra relaxation to your Florence stay, check out the Spa Suite on the 5th floor of the Hotel Savoy.

Hotel Savoy's Spa Suite overlooks the city, unlike many hotel spas that are hidden away. Over two floors, guests will enjoy the breathtaking 180-degree views of Florence's most celebrated architecture.

In honor of the 800th anniversary of the ancient pharmacy, Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella created the Spa Suite. Since 1221, Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica has provided natural, high-quality products formulated by Dominican friars in Florence.

A variety of aromatherapy and exfoliating treatments are available to guests, as well as innovative facial treatments such as the "Face Touch" and "Hydranutri Facial." A unique combination of Florentine history and modern wellness techniques creates an unforgettable experience.

Courtesy of Rocco Forte Hotels


It is the history of Florence that defines the city. At the time of the Medicis in the 15th century, Florence was one of Europe's largest cities, after it survived the fall of Rome.

Between 1434 and 1737, the House of Medici ruled Florence and left a lasting impression. The Uffizi gallery, built by the Medici in 1765, is considered one of the first modern museums in the world. Every aesthete should take a stroll through this storied gallery filled with countless exceptional works from the Renaissance, including Botticelli's Primavera and The Birth of Venus.

There is an opportunity to spend a morning with local legend Giulio Benuzzi at the Hotel Savoy if you are a truffle lover. Within a short drive of Florence, Benuzzi will take guests hunting for Tartufo Bianco, "The Great White" truffle, with his dogs. At Benuzzi's home, guests will enjoy a truffle-based meal with excellent Tuscan wine following the hunt.

You will not be disappointed if you visit Florence if you enjoy art, history, culture, or just want to experience a true European gem. For an escape to Florence, Hotel Savoy is the ideal staging post with its location in the heart of the Renaissance.

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