A Rich Report Review of the Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

A Rich Report Review of the Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

This professional report review of the Beneteau Gran Turismo 45 provides an in-depth analysis of the boat's features, performance, and amenities. Discover everything you need to know about this luxurious motor yacht and make the best decision for you and your family.

Beneteau's Gran Turismo 45 seamlessly connects the inside and outside for family fun.


With the ability to run completely open or closed and climate-controlled, the Beneteau GT 45 is a versatile cruiser. Courtesy Power & Motoryacht

Montana is famous for its big sky, but after seeing it from Beneteau's Gran Turismo 45, I feel that this 48-foot-6-inch express cruiser challenges it for the title. There is 48 square feet of sunlight and open space on board the Beneteau thanks to its retractable hardtop over the helm deck. 

In addition, Montana is landlocked and does not have a single leaping dolphin or soaring seabird to gaze upon, so we can call it usurped.

Beneteau's top is noteworthy not only for its sheer size, but also for the way it opens. With the touch of a button, it slides back almost silently, then locks into place without making an audible sound. Similarly, the cabin's after bulkhead window swings up with another button press and inaudibly locks into place.

It is possible to lay the foredeck seating flat for tanning, or to adjust it up incrementally to find that perfect angle for a siesta. Courtesy Denison Yacht Sales

When it comes to luxury yachts, silence is critical, and Beneteau went beyond eliminating loud motors and clacking latches. There will be no more creaking, groaning, or squeaking. Belowdecks, rubberized gaskets prevent rattling of door frames and hatches. Rather than make hollow drumming sounds as they cruise through a chop, Beneteau chose to core the forward sections of the hull.

How did it turn out? Based on Rich Report's gathered information, guests in the forward stateroom are typically exposed to the most water noise while running. My meter measured 72 decibels on smooth water (65 decibels is the level of normal conversation). Just two decibels rose when the boat hit waves. The problem has been resolved.

As much as I enjoyed riding belowdecks, the helm deck is where owners will spend the bulk of their cruising time. And after opening the sunroof and bulkhead window, they can slide back the side windows, prop open the door and bring the outside inside. No one should have any worries about salty breezes interacting with the interior, either. Hardware includes polished stainless-steel pedestals at the dinette, as well as beefy stainless-steel hatch hinges on the wet bar. All the pieces and parts can withstand the elements should one fail to button up when weather dictates. This particular GT 45 also had a solid-teak deck, which offers longevity, easy cleanup and a grippy feel underfoot.

Retractable hardtops provide sunshine, fresh air, and a center-console feel.

With the galley down, the GT 45 has a two-head, two-stateroom layout. Instead of cramming in another stateroom, Beneteau added a lower settee and dinette (across from the galley) in addition to the one above the helm. As a result of this design decision, the yacht retains a feeling of excess elbow room. Each head has a separate stall shower, and there are no confining companionways. If one so chooses, hullside windows with opening ports let in goings of sunlight and a natural breeze if one chooses. There is an option to replace the lower salon with a third stateroom with bunk beds if an owner wants more berths on board.

There is a scissors-style berth in the forward stateroom, which can be divided into two singles or closed to form a queen berth. There is a queen-size pedestal berth in the master stateroom amidships, as well as stowage in counters on either side. A pop-up TV is also available.

When the throttles are at rest, owners will also hear the bow calling their names. There is a lounge on the GT 45, as is typical of many cruising yachts. In contrast to flip-flop backrests, ratcheting backrests let guests recline in any position they wish. During the hot summer months, a mini Bimini top can be rolled out. Pull up the bar, clip on the support straps, and everyone's good to go.

After the sun sets, what happens? View the Milky Way from that Bimini top folded up. It is indeed Big Sky Country.  

A Double Dose of Fun

In contrast to some yachts in this class, the GT 45 has both a transom garage and a swim platform that can carry a tender. Tenders or toys up to 7.5 feet in length can be stored in the garage, which has an electric winch. When a tender or PWC is mounted on the hydraulic swim platform, it can be raised and lowered hydraulically. An electric grill is built into the rear end of the garage's sun pad.

Go with the Flow

With its Air Step hull, Beneteau's GT 45 reduces drag without impeding handling by ducting air under the hull and introducing it at its lowest point. As compared to the original Air Step system, this latest version utilizes three times the amount of air. Beneteau built a prototype to confirm that air would not affect Volvo Penta IPS drives, and Volvo Penta validated its performance before the GT 45 was introduced. It reached a top speed of 26.3 knots at 3,390 rpm when powered by twin 440 hp Volvo Penta IPS diesels. The GT 45 made 21.5 knots at 3,000 rpm on a hull that had been in the water for two weeks without bottom paint. A representative from Beneteau said top-end speeds often exceed 30 knots.

More To This

The GT 45 was designed with a focus on fit-and-finish at yacht level. For example, in the engine room, hoses are double-clamped with rubber caps protecting their sharp edges. In addition to having the ends clipped off, zip ties that secure hoses and wires have also been smoothed out to prevent snags or scratches.

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