A Rich Report Overview of Sanlorenzo's SL106A, The Asymmetric Yacht

A Rich Report Overview of Sanlorenzo's SL106A, The Asymmetric Yacht
Nearly 360 degrees of glass enables a constant connection to the sea. Courtesy Sanlorenzo Yachts‍

Sanlorenzo's unorthodox design only has one side deck but still offers so much to owners and crew.

Nearly 360 degrees of glass enables a constant connection to the sea. Courtesy Sanlorenzo Yachts

Companies that deviate from "the norm" raise eyebrows. The yachting industry, in particular, remains fairly conservative when it comes to design. At any boat show, attendees are incredulous when they see a radically different yacht because traditional looks still sell, so many builders play it fairly safe.

Sanlorenzo's chairman and CEO, Massimo Perotti, understands the feeling. He says skepticism greeted the announcement of the addition of Asymmetric models to the SL series. One side of these Asymmetric models has full beam interior space-and only one side, where there is no traditional side deck.

Crew members and captains used to handling lines and maneuvering around the yacht on two side decks were concerned. It could have been the same for customers, but funny enough, they liked it. After that, the crew and captains arrived.

Perotti says the market has embraced the Asymmetric concept very well, partly because the side deck has not been removed; it has simply been relocated. Owners are sold when they see and feel how much it enhances their connection to the cruising environment.

As for the extra interior space, the one-side widebody adds 108 square feet to the main deck. Courtesy Sanlorenzo Yachts

It has been several years since the Asymmetric line was conceived. A major challenge for Sanlorenzo was to provide owners with more usable interior space. One initial idea was to design a widebody yacht with a full-beam interior on the main deck. 

A smaller to midsize superyacht wouldn't be practical, Sanlorenzo concluded. Sanlorenzo has been working with designer Chris Bangle since 2015, so Perotti sought his advice. Fiat and BMW are famous for their new designs thanks to Bangle. He proposed a widebody to one side for owners, a full side deck opposite, and an over-the-widebody passage from the flybridge to the bow for the crew.

The concept was then developed with the help of Zuccon International Project and Sanlorenzo's own design department. In less than a year, about a dozen contracts have been signed with the first Asymmetric model, the SL102A. The SL106A was created after customers requested a slightly longer aft deck and swim platform.

The SL106A does not look lopsided if you're still trying to understand the asymmetry. You might not even notice the difference at first unless you know to look for it.

Courtesy by Yacht Style

From the swim platform, twin stairs lead to the main deck aft. The same applies to aerial photos or bow-on views of the vessel. Aesthetic balance is provided by the handrail-lined side decks on the flybridge, a true passageway outboard of the leisure areas of the flybridge.

Consider that most flybridge yachts don't provide a way for the crew to reach the foredeck from the upper deck.

As you can see on the widebody side of the SL106A, there are a few stairs. On the main deck, crew can access the flybridge via an alfresco floating stairway or by stepping up from the raised pilothouse (a configuration that is hidden until you step aboard).

Approximately 108 square feet of additional interior space are provided by the one-sided widebody. Guests and owners spend a lot of time in the open-plan salon and dining area when they are not swimming or enjoying the outdoors. On the widebody side, there is also a nearly floor-to-ceiling window. It gives guests the feeling of hovering above the water as they stand right up against it. With sliding glass doors and a deploying balcony opposite, along with the 23-foot beam, the room feels spacious.

There is also a rectangular port directly over the bed in the main-deck master stateroom, which makes it feel airy. With a push of a button, the foredeck settee with a table is available for a private breakfast or snack. (Rather than placing the en suite head along the portside entry, Sanlorenzo places it along the starboard side.) The stairs to the flybridge are located on the port side.

By challenging conventional notions of how a yacht should look and function, Sanlorenzo also incorporates new modes of transportation. In addition, the SL106A is still a 10-guest, 28-knot yacht. There aren't many things more traditional than that. 

The Fuel of the Future

Alternative fuels are being explored by Sanlorenzo. It's developing a superyacht powered by methanol fuel-cells - a proven technology never used in yachting - in partnership with Siemens Energy. In 2024, the 164-footer will be delivered.

Arts of Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo partners with Art Basel events in Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Miami through 2023, recognizing that many of its customers attend major art fairs. For special exhibitions, the shipyard collaborates with artists through Sanlorenzo Arts.

Have A Question?

For the purpose of enhancing customer relationships, Sanlorenzo created a High-End Services division in 2020. In addition to leasing and financing, Sanlorenzo Timeless offers crew training, maintenance, and refits. Efforts are being made by the builder to enhance the division to attract new customers and increase client loyalty.

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