A New Series Of Yachts From Vandutch Has Been Announced

A New Series Of Yachts From Vandutch Has Been Announced
Courtesy Van Dutch Yachts

The Dutch boat builder VanDutch Yachts is working with racing star Jeff Gordon to promote a new S Series upgrade package for its 48-, 56- and 75-foot yachts.

There are 450 horsepower engines on the 48S, 56S, and 75S, joystick controls, a prop-speed treatment, and engineered sport propellers on the 48S,56S, and 75S. As part of the package, you'll also get an S Series steering wheel, carbon-look styling accents, and an upgraded stereo sound system.

New audio equipment, including Apple Airplay and M-Series hardware from JL Audio, is one of the S series upgrades. Courtesy VanDutch Yachts

In addition, yacht owners who upgrade to the S Series receive a consultation with the paint company Axalta and a sampling process to help them select a unique color, special effects, and finishing coat.

“I spend my days going fast, and the S Series has the power to move,” Gordon says in the marketing material. VanDutch exceeded all expectations, including the incredibly quiet and smooth ride, which initially attracted me to the boat because of its sleek design.”

In addition to the S Series upgrade, what else is included? Reduction of engine-room noise, probably to improve the sound quality of the upgraded stereo system for onboard guests.

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