A Guide to Paris' Secret Gardens

A Guide to Paris' Secret Gardens
The Maison Russe terrasse. Courtesy of Pinterest

Green spaces aren't always the first thing that springs to mind when you think of big cities like Paris when it comes to green spaces. In addition to the many wonderful gardens and parks found in the City of Light, the area is full of a number of palace gardens and formal gardens at many of the palaces in the area, including the Jardin des Plantes, the Luxembourg Gardens, not to mention the gardens located at many of the palaces. 

Consider visiting some of these "secret" Paris gardens if you're interested in exploring the city's natural side. These sights aren't unknown to everyone, but they're off the beaten path and provide a chance to see more of the French capital than you'd see in a guidebook. 

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Courtesy of Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

The terrace at the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre

Designed by landscape architect Louis Benech, this oasis features climbing ivy and pruned boxwood trees. Formerly a Hermès family estate, the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre is now a boutique hotel. In addition to the Très Particulier cocktail bar and Grand Salon washed in powdery tones, the private terrace is one of the most beautiful spaces on site.


Courtesy of Pinterest 

Saint-Gilles Grand Veneur 

It is a little-known secret amongst many tourists of the area that this garden sits hidden amid the façades of nearby buildings, hiding among the façades of nearby buildings. As a result of its secluded location, it is not the kind of place you stumble upon by accident, which makes it the perfect hideaway to enjoy a book or small picnic, thanks to its secluded location.

Courtesy of Saint James Paris 

The Saint James terrace

The Saint James is in the midst of big changes: Bellefeuille, the on-site restaurant led by chef Julien Dumas, has just won its first Michelin star, and a spa, pool, and terrace have just opened. You can stroll among hydrangeas, rosebushes, and Japanese maples in the over 5,000 square feet of gardens surrounding the mansion designed by Xavier de Chirac. There are also wicker seats, tubular furniture, and a mosaic fresco by Pierre Mesguich among the lively plants. Come visit the terrace in the evening when it opens at 7 p.m.

Courtesy of Pinterest 

Tea Garden at the Grand Mosque of Paris 

Among the largest mosques in the country and the oldest on Mainland France, the Grand Mosque of Paris is located in the 5th arrondissement. Additionally, there are prayer rooms, a library, and a cafe in the building, as well as a lovely outdoor garden which is perfect for a stroll in the afternoon. Turquoise tiles make for a fantastic contrast when paired with greenery, and the color is also prominent in the architecture of the Islamic faith. 

Courtesy of Vogue

The Maison Russe terrasse

The palatable menu and sumptuous private rooms at Maison Russe have kept the restaurant busy since it opened last fall. Stop by the garden for wrought iron furniture, vintage-inspired lanterns, carved stone vases, and abundant vegetation while summer is in full swing. In this romantic outdoor space, rosebushes and jasmine climb the trellises as if they were in a green oasis in the city. 

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