A Boeing Business Jet Turns into an Oasis ‍

A Boeing Business Jet Turns into an Oasis ‍

Business jets from Boeing are repurposed airliners that can provide a private, luxury interior designed for efficiency and comfort, rather than being packed with hundreds of seats. Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) fleet interior dubbed Oasis in the Sky was created by Ameco Beijing, an aircraft-technical-support company in China. The hotel will provide ease of use, convenience, and a high-tech, contemporary ambience - creating an experience that Ameco hopes will be unparalleled. It has been designed to accommodate twelve passengers plus crew members in the BBJ's large cabin.

VIP Lounge

To symbolize desert sands and landscapes, tan leather furnishings and soft wool cut-pile carpets are used in the design. Ceiling and partition LED strips flow with silky organic greens in the carpet, suggesting flowing dunes, rippling water, and fresh greenery. Natural landscapes are reflected in walnut veneer and chartreuse velvet. With its extra-large Skyview Panoramic Windows, the VIP lounge serves as a meeting room and an entertainment space. A 42-inch monitor provides entertainment options as well as a minibar under the tea-table top.

Conference and Dining Area

There are six seats in the conference/dining area, which has chartreuse velvet inserts to make it feel like you're in an oasis, while the stitched leather tabletop creates extra comfort and serenity. The panoramic window provides light, as well as a 46-inch monitor with an ideal viewing angle that is situated in the partition.


Design elements of energy and tranquility are blended in the master bedroom, which results in relaxation and rejuvenation. All countertops are finished with soft leather for comfort and elegance, while the walnut veneer paneling creates the peaceful feel of a shady forest. Travelers can control all comfort features on board via their smartphone, and the king-size bed faces a 46-inch-wide curved video screen.

Master Bath

The master bath has two sinks, a spacious shower with electronic controls, and ambient lighting that can be adjusted to suit any mood. With its advanced technology and luxury design, Ameco says passengers experience a moving oasis free of all worries.

Design Adaptability

Boeing's business-jet fleet can be customized with the Oasis in the Sky interior.

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